Navy Personnel Specialist Study Guide

CSPP Tool V3.2

Download the CSPP Worksheet by clicking here.

Take the online quiz by clicking on the links below:

Career Sea Pay and Career Sea Pay Premium
Navy Customer Service Manual
PS Practice Test # 1

Leaderboard for Career Sea Pay and Career Sea Pay Premium

1. Manolito Ong-100%
2. Eric Thach-100%
4. Joy P Almario-100%
5. Peter Cortes-96%

Leaderboard for Practice Test #1

1. Maile Mullins-93%
2. -87%
3. joe vuong-87%
4. PS3 Pryor, Marcus-84%
5. -84%

Leaderboard for Navy Customer Service Manual

1. PS2(SW) Pike-76%
2. -74%
3. -72%
4. Chinique freeman-69%
5. Chinique freeman-69%

Leaderboard for MMPA ACCESS

1. -100%
2. -100%
3. Reggie-96%
5. PS1 Jackson-92%

Career Sea Pay Premium Tool V3.2

To my fellow HR professional,

CSPP Tool V3.2 is now available for download.  Just  click here to download the zip file.

The CSPP Tool zip file contains the following files:

CSP Instruction OPNAV 7220.14
CSP NAVADMIN  143-18 and 319-18
Types of Orders: Milpersman 1320-300
Unusually Arduous Sea Duty: OPNAVINST 4650.17
CSPP V3.2 Worksheet – Make sure to personalize your NSIPS History of Assignments in DESCENDING ORDER before using the tool.

The USER’S GUIDE is available online.

With tips like how to reduce the History of Assignments to twenty five lines.

or how to verify the Master Military Pay Account (MMPA).

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Pardon my dust while I build the videos. Just click on the links below:

  1. Parts of the CSPP Worksheet.
  2.  How to use the CSPP Worksheet.
  3. Reduce History of Assignments to 25 Lines.
  4. Review the Master Military Pay Account

I hope that this tool together with the CSP/P references included with the zip file can help you streamline the CSPP process in your command.

Glad to be here, still proud to serve!

Marco Vallido