Master Military Pay Account

This MMPA group contains entries that are currently applicable to the member's record, but Space is not reserved for these entries since they are only present when they are in effect.

What category of the FID describes Leave Balance?

The main purpose of the MMPA is to provide a subsidiary payroll ledger account which records information necessary to compute the net pay due a member.

Whenever an action is known to be required at a specific time, an entry is established in the _______ group in the MMPA. When the date in the future entry arrives, the action will occur (an entitlement will be posted, changed or stopped).

This identifies if the member is available for duty ("A" status) or is in some other status.

Date of Separation (DOS). In the case of regular officers this should read 888888 since their commission does not expire in a specific time period. It should match the SEAOS date of LOPG.

What MMPA verb is used to access MMPA Tables like Basic Pay, Sea Pay, etc?

What category of the FID describes Taxes?

What MMPA verb is used for DJMS/Special Inquiries?

What category of the FID describes service dates?

When an action cannot be processed completely without additional input, a __________ is established for the receipt of the required input. This normally causes a management notice to be issued to the servicing ADSN to remind them to make the additional input.

What verb is used for Error Code Listing?

This group contains three types of data. These entries are differentiated from the fixed and variable open entries by a dash (-) which appears beside the FID. If there is more than one entry for
a FID, they will be sequenced chronologically by the date that the entry was closed.

What category of the FID describes allotments?

What MMPA verb is used to approve or release Daily Payment requests?

What MMPA Verb is used for DJMS or master military pay account inquiry?

What MMPA verb is used for Daily EFT payment requests to include TLA payments?

What verb is used for the Activity Master File?

What category of the FID describes collections?

This MMPA group contains data that is always present in every member’s record or is used consistently during daily update processing. Space is allocated for each entry, regardless of its presence on the MMPA.

What MMPA verb is used for EFT Payment History?

The MMPA is divided into _____ major breakouts referred to as Groups. These Groups are subdivided into sets of entries related to the same subject which are known as Categories.

This is the paying ADSN. If the member is paid through direct deposit it will show 3800. If payment is made by check (Local Payee), it will read the ADSN of the local pay office.

The next level within a Category is an Entry, which is a detailed set of related items known as ____________.

If I am looking for a company code, what MMPA verb should I use? This is also known as the Table 50.

The Master Military Pay Account (MMPA) is a Data Base type file that contains current and historical data pertaining to a member’s pay. All leave and pay activity for active duty members is recorded in this file. The individual accounts contain current entitlements, deductions (including allotments), payments, leave balances, collections, status information, and _____ months’ history.

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