Navy Customer Service Manual

Navy Customer Service Manual Quiz.

At which of the following contact points would the customer be appropriately called the “client”?

When the consequences of a situation are pleasant or desirable, a person would have which of the following attitudes toward that situation?

A contact point representative who must answer the phone while providing service should handle the situation in which of the following ways?

Members of which of the following ratings would be assigned to contact point that provides indirect services?

Benefits are to be afforded impartially to all eligible members, but when may they be omitted by a command?

The contact point representative’s reaction to a customer arriving at the contact point can have either a positive or an adverse effect. Which of the following reactions would have an adverse effect on the customer?

Which of the following terms indicates the ability to use
training effectively?

A customer’s first impression of the contact representative will normally be generalized to what specific group?

The practice of “speaking down” to a customer implies you consider that person to be of what status?

As a supervisor you should set goals for team members at what level?

Which of the following methods should be used to speed up service and reduce the customer’s waiting time?

Routines or procedures provide which of the following benefits?

If members only do what they are told to do when they are told to do it, they are reflecting which of the following traits?

Which of the following factors determines the team member’s training needs?

Improvement of overall customer service depends on improvement in which of the following specific areas of customer service?

Navy members have the privilege of choosing which, if any, of the following details concerning their duty assignments?

Which of the following goals is achieved in a training session?

People are people, and you can’t change human nature.

The use of which of the following terms reflects prejudice?

Which of the following personnel is responsible for creating a positive atmosphere for a contact team?

Which of the following actions is a reflection of poor supervision when you are trying to meet training needs?

Customers receiving services at your contact point usually observe enough of your work to make a completely fair evaluation of you,
the contact representative.

The team member who has acquired the ability to handle more difficult jobs and indicates a willingness to assume more responsibility should be considered for what position?

Performance standards set by each team member must be acceptable by which of the following personnel?

When the Navy provides space to be used as a contact point, who is responsible for making the space functional?

To properly identify what a customer is trying to convey, you should use which of the following methods?

If you have a customer who wants to discuss a personal problem, you should treat that person as an individual with what kind of need?

You should check completed work to detect errors so that you can achieve which of the following purposes?

Disagreeing with a customer about official Navy policy could result
in which of the following customer reactions?

Doing your best in any job requires that you have which of the following personal characteristics?

The things we choose to do or not to do results from which of the following personal characteristics?

The structure of the Navy tends to foster which of the following attitudes in its members?

Each member of a team not only influences the mood of the team but also the team’s work habits. Work habits, in turn, affect which of the following responsibilities of the contact point?

Which of the following types of records is required by official directives?

Supervisors who instruct their people to look busy demonstrate which of the following traits?

What is the Navy’s most valuable asset?

Usually a team member performs only one job at the contact point, but he or she may also be expected to perform which of the following jobs?

Before you can have a proper attitude toward others, you must first develop a proper appreciation of which of the following people?

Common courtesy is best described as a voluntary expression of respect for?

Which of the following terms refers to a person who has a need for services?

Mistakes made by Navy contact point representatives in their handling of customer needs grow out of negative attitudes toward which of the following individuals?

What is the purpose of manning the contact point?

For the Navy to fulfil its mission, members must often sacrifice their freedom of?

When a team member is both proficient and experienced in a specific area of his or her rating, he or she can help the other team members by demonstrating what behavior?

The contact point is governed by volumes of regulations, manuals, and directives. Since you cannot memorize their contents, you should concentrate on learning what information?

A customer comes to you with a problem and asks, “Can you help me?” You reply, “Yes, I can.” In addition, your response should reflect an attitude that implies which of the following statements?

You should react to an unpleasant customer in which of the following ways?

The customers’ opinion of you as a contact point representative is based primarily on which of the following observations?

When helping a customer on the telephone who has difficulty with the English language or who has a speech defect, what action should you take?

The guiding principle when using telephone should be to remember are talking to a?

When a contact point representative reacts adversely to a customer, the representative is most likely reacting to which of the following characteristics of the customer?

Attitude can be described as the tendency to move away from or toward a situation.

When planning the physical arrangement of the contact point, you should provide which of the following types of accommodations for customers?

Encouraging team members to accept responsibility for jobs they are overqualified to perform results in which of the following achievements?

To contribute effectively to teamwork, personnel working at the
contact points must have what level of knowledge about their rating?

Which of the following physical locations is NOT an example of a “contact point”?

Which of the following elements is an important aspect of teamwork?

Ensuring a Navy dependent receives the services to which he or she is entitled is the responsibility of which of the following people?

Which of the following speech habits would increase understanding?

Which of the following factors causes apathy on the job?

Placing individuals into groups that you regard as inferior defines what term?

Working with other team members to improve individual performance and the overall efficiency of the organization reflects which of the following types of attitudes?

A customer came to you for advice but left disappointed. Which of the following circumstances would NOT have caused this situation?

When you jump to a conclusion, you are actually making a decision based on which of the following factors?

A customer’s first impression of a contact point representative is usually based on which of the following characteristics?

An aircraft mechanic spots a loose wire during a preventive maintenance check on a jet engine but does nothing about it. Which of the following attitudes could prompt such an act of neglect?

Naval personnel have the same customer service needs as civilian personnel.

Customers deserve the courtesy of an answer to which of the following types of questions?

Which of the following circumstances is a reason to impose temporary limitations on the operations of a contact point?

You should concentrate on developing which of the following traits and abilities?

A contact point team can be compared to a football team in regard to achieving a goal--or winning. What is the primary element needed to achieve that goal?

When you must serve a customer who is emotionally upset, you should act in which of the following manners?

Seaman Door works for Captain Pistol in the Administrative office. Which of the following responses should Seaman Door use when answering the phone?

To recognize the value of your job at the contact point, you need to know which of the following types of job information?

Which of the following personal characteristics interfere with effective communication?

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