Practice Test #1

Welcome to your Practice Test #1

Who approves the request to receive BAH based on the location of dependents in the continental United States (INCONUS) when a member is serving unaccompanied/dependent restricted tour?

What percentage of the locality rate is applicable for member, his wife and their 13 year old daugther?

When a member is in a per diem status at the OCONUS home port awaiting arrival of the ship to which assigned, TLA on the member’s behalf is not payable during the waiting period beginning the arrival day at the home port and extending through the day before the actual reporting day aboard the ship as the member is in a TDY status awaiting the ship’s arrival and eligible for per diem.

TLA authority for an OCONUS PDS assignment requiring a residence change ordinarily should not exceed _____ days.

TLA is payable while house-hunting after the member arrives at the new PDS and reports for duty in conjunction with a PCS move.

_____________ must be paid to a member assigned to a PDS in a CONUS high cost area. (Must match the Zip Code for BAH)

Normally, The TLA period upon departure should not exceed the last _____ days before the day the member departs the PDS in compliance with a PCS order.

If a member without dependent goes on TAD in CONUS, COLA continues for the first ____ days.

_____________ is paid to a member when both GOV’T QTRS and a GOV’T dining facility/mess are available.

A member transferring from a CONUS PDS to an OCONUS PDS is entitled to how many days of TLE?

Do you reduced the COLA for member with dependents when one dependent attend college in the United States?

TLA is NOT payable during a member’s hospitalization period while en route between PDSs when dependents are required to use OCONUS temporary lodgings during the hospitalization period.

A member transferring from OCONUS to CONUS is authorized how many days of TLE?

What is the maximum amount allowed when a member is receiving both imminent danger pay (IDP) and hardship duty pay (HDP)?

What is the maximum number of leave days that may be carried over when a member is serving in a CZTE area?

________ is authorized to assist a member in maintaining the purchasing power of the discretionary portion of spendable income while assigned to an OCONUS PDS.

A member transferring from CONUS to CONUS is authorized how many days of TLE?

A member without dependent is NOT authorized COLA while in a confinement status serving a sentence as a result of disciplinary action.

When ‘MALT-Plus’ flat per diem is payable on the reporting day to a new PDS, TLA for the member/dependent(s) is authorized for that day.

When a member elects to contribute to the USSDP/Desert Savings program by cash or check, what transactions are required?

COLA is prescribed or paid in the same amount monthly regardless of the number of days in a month just like the basic pay.

COLA is derived by comparing the OCONUS cost-of-living with the CONUS cost-of-living allowance(Conus Cola vs Oconus Cola).

Additional TLA period is always authorized/approved when there is Personal inconvenience to a member/dependent(s)?

________ is an allowance intended to partially pay members for the more than normal expenses incurred by a member and or dependent(s) while occupying temporary lodging outside the Continental United States (OCONUS).

If a member without dependent takes leave in CONUS, COLA continues for the first ____ days.

What percentage of the locality rate is applicable for two military members with two dependent ages 9 and 7? The female member is claiming both dependents on her page 2.

A member accompanied or joined by a non-command sponsored dependent, is NOT authorized with-dependent COLA even if the dependent’s presence leads the member to choose not to use an available GOV’T dining facility/mess.

Lodging costs for lodging jointly occupied by the member and dependents are apportioned ______% for the member and _____% for dependents (regardless of the number of family members) when a member in a per diem status is receiving TLA for dependents while at the home port.

Who approves Overseas Housing Allowance based on the foreign location of the dependents when a member is serving in unaccompanied/dependent restricted or arduous sea duty tour?

A member who Is in grade E-6 or above and elects not to occupy assigned shipboard GOV’T QTRS, or in the grade of E-4 or E-5 and is authorized to not occupy assigned shipboard GOV’T QTRS, and lives on the economy (out in town) is authorized:

A divorced or legally separated member who is not identified in the divorce decree or legal separation agreement as the full time legal custodial parent of a child or children of the marriage is NOT authorized CONUS COLA at the ‘with dependent’ rate.

A member serving an OCONUS tour who had no dependents on arrival but who acquires dependents during that tour is NOT eligible for TLA for those dependents upon arrival at the PDS because the member was without dependents on the effective date of the PCS order.

______ is an allowance intended to partially pay members for lodging/meal expenses incurred by a member/dependent(s) while occupying temporary lodging in CONUS in conjunction with a PCS move.

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